Calling all cat parents! The premium human-grade Delizios® Mousse cat food is here to excite your cat’s palatability and to build a stronger bond between you and your feline friend. Exquisitely formulated with real meat for real taste, and nutritious ingredients of superior quality for a healthy diet, this new delectable series of cat food is available at in three premium flavours:

Three premium flavours: Delizios MSC Tuna Mousse , Delizios MSC Tuna & Katsuobushi Mousse, and Delizios  MSC Tuna & Chicken Mousse


We get tired of eating the same food every day, so do cats! Add a little fun to the cat feeding experience with Delizios® Mousse. Delicious on the outside, nutritious on the inside, this new Delizios® cat food comes in a double-layer mousse for double fun!

Tease your cat’s tastebuds with the taste of premium meat of white tuna or chicken in mild flavour and firm texture on the top layer. This is the layer that contains moisture for hydration. As your cat dives deeper into the soft and smooth texture of the bottom layer blended from the whole loin or red meat of premium tuna, which is rich in fat that is vital as an energy provider, your cat is ought to indulge in stronger flavours in every lick of this palatable mousse. 

Thanks to its foamy, soft, and airy mousse texture, it is easier to digest and its high-water content boosts hydration for your cats. The layer colours are purely derived from premium-quality meats as Delizios® Mousse is free from artificial colouring and flavour.


The Delizios® Mousse cat food takes pride in its Hydration Plus+ trait, which provides sufficient hydration for cats that ensures good blood circulation, food digestion, nutrient absorption, and the list of benefits go on. Not to mention it is rich in taurine that is critical for developing good vision and heart muscle. What about the external side? Delizios® Mousse is rich in soybean oil that helps to develop healthier fur and skin. So, your cat can strut its best looks in ultimate confidence.


Delizios® Mousse is a sustainable brand that commits to bringing good health and taste to all cats yet remains responsible in its food sourcing with the marine ecosystem in mind. Delizios® Mousse is 100% MSC-certified where it only sources its fish meat from fisheries that are strictly assessed and monitored by scientists and marine experts to ensure sustainable fishing environment standards are met to protect the oceans across the globe. 

MSC Certified Sustainably Sourced Fish


The good news is the Delizios® Mousse is specially formulated for your cat, my cat, their cats – it is for every cat of any breed, age, and size. Weaning kittens, kittens with inadequate nutrients from their mother’s milk, pregnant cats, and lactating cats primarily need more nutrition during these stages. It is as crucial for a kitten’s healthy growth as it is for a mother cat to sustain milk production, support its increasing weight, and serve as a good energy booster. The nutrient-rich Delizios® Mousse precisely understands these special moments need special care. It promotes better hydration with its high level of water content, which also makes it easier to consume, thus boosting smoother digestion.


It can be exciting to try the new Delizios® Mousse right now. But, we all know cats are finicky eaters and like to have things their way. They can be unhappy if you switch their food abruptly. There are two ways to go about switching dry food to wet food like Delizios® Mousse.

  • Cold turkey: Introduce your cat with the NEW Delizios® Mousse. On the next day of your cat’s first mealtime, feed it with wet food. Your cat may start to dig in and licking away in ultimate satisfaction as wet food tends to have stronger flavours that increase your cat’s appetite. However, if your cat is not being responsive to the wet food, try the next method.
  • Slow and steady: Introduce Delizios Mousse to your cat by finding a wet cat food with the flavour that is closest to the current dry food to minimise the smell and taste. For instance, if your cat is eating tuna-flavoured dry food, you may try the Delizios® MSC Tuna Mousse as your cat’s next wet food. Mix a small amount of the wet food into your cat’s dry food. Repeat the step every day. A playtime of 15 to 20 minutes before the feeding may help to increase its appetite. You can also try rewarding your cat with the wet food as treats to let your cat anticipate the wet food whenever it is served. However, if your cat’s loss of appetite is prolonged and is taking its toll on its behaviour and health, do consult your veterinarian for advice.

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