We know about how human food imposes a negative impact on the environment. But have you ever wondered if pet food does the same too? You may have guessed it right – it does. An analysis revealed that global pet food production generates 106 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year making it the 60th highest emitter if it were a country (Jain, 2020). Surprising but true, this is undeniably saddening for us who love Mother Nature as much as pets. Hence, Delizios is committed to joining the global effort in creating sustainable cat food, thus a greener world, for future generations through providing sustainable cat food from ingredient sourcing to product processing and packaging.

About Sustainable Fishing

Fish serves as the main ingredient in cat food. To meet the high and constant demand for cat food means more fishing, more damage to the ocean ecosystem. Unsustainable, illegal or uncontrolled fishing can lead to overfishing, which takes a toll on biodiversity. It is not just about the fish, but the aquatic ecosystem as a whole. There will be insufficient fish remaining in the ocean and many other marine lives depend on the fishes to live and create a balanced ecosystem. When Canada’s Grand Banks cod fishery collapsed in 1992, over 35,000 fishers and plant workers from across 400 coastal communities lost their jobs (Marine Stewardship Council, n.d.).

So, the impact can be vastly devastating by affecting all forms of life. This is one of the reasons how sustainable fishing began. Sustainable fishing indicates the seafood is sourced responsibly and within control to ensure the ocean lives are protected and there are always enough fish in the sea.

Delizios Being 100% MSC-Certified

The brand has achieved a milestone in the sustainability journey ever since its establishment in the pet food industry. This is how Delizios has earned the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification for its relentless effort in going the extra mile in caring for the environment. This certification means the awarded brand like Delizios supports and meets the international best practice for sustainable fishing. With that, cat owners can purchase Delizios cat food with peace of mind and confidence that you (and your cat) are saving the environment while your cat indulges in premium, fresh and excellent-quality cat food.

Real Seafood, Truly Green

Having 100% real and sustainable seafood in our products does not compromise on our product texture, taste and overall experience with Delizios. In fact, our sustainable initiative further strengthens the high quality we promise you and your feline friend. Delizios’ tuna range contains a 100% white meat selection of bonitos that are sustainably sourced. This ensures your cat is getting premium quality tuna that you prepare for it. The authentically delectable bonito meat is rich in protein to build muscle and repair body tissues for healthier skin and growth. Its natural fish oils, a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, are important in nourishing eye health, promoting urinary tract health and reducing hairballs formation. Let’s not forget about other essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins that help your cat grow healthy and active. 

Delizios canned food comes in a wide range of options: jelly, gravy and mousse. These various textures of wet food offer your cat easy consumption and digestion besides providing high palatability that tickles and satisfies your cat’s taste buds – all for an ultimate indulgent experience. Not to miss out on the vital fact that this wet cat food series helps your cat stay hydrated. The high moisture content in Delizios wet food is exceptionally good for preventing urinary tract problems, diabetes or kidney disease.

Creating A Better Future With Delizios

With great taste and an even greater passion for the environment, Delizios is your ever-right choice when it comes to picking the right cat food. From 100% sustainably sourced tuna to being highly palatable, every meat piece is crafted, formulated and produced to gratify your cat’s appetite and meet its health requirement with the environment in mind. You know you are playing your part in saving the environment, especially the ocean when you choose Delizios.

It is certainly a win-win for various parties with Delizios: you can help to protect the entire ecosystem (so can your cat), your cat gets a chance to indulge in tasty and healthy meals, and your purchase fuels our partners of sustainable collaboration to further expand their eco-friendly fishing solutions. At Delizios, we believe in making meaningful memories with your feline friend through a unique feeding experience, and it would be truly meaningful when you and your cat go hand-in-paw in saving the world together by supporting our sustainably sourced cat food.


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